Localist legislators need expert majority rules system CE competitor

Two localist lawmakers said on Friday that they trust the expert majority rules system camp will handle a possibility for one year from now’s CEO race.

Demosisto’s Nathan Law said this will energize examinations on Hong Kong’s popularity based improvement amid the decision battle.

That is in spite of stresses that an expert majority rules system competitor will part the 325 votes held by container democrats in the 1,200-in number Election Committee that will choose the following CEO.

Some have recommended they pool their votes to back an expert foundation hopeful who speaks to a major transform from the officeholder Chief Executive, CY Leung.

Arrive Justice League administrator Chu Hoi-dick said he has been convincing a few professional majority rules system figures to keep running for the top occupation. However, he said he can’t uncover their names at this stage.

Chu said he won’t back any genius foundation applicants, and trusted his partners in the professional vote based system camp will have a similar view.

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